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Future NCRS Regionals & Nationals

  • September 22-24th 2016 - Regional Hamilton, Ontario
  • October 20-22nd 2016 - Regional Frisco, TX
  • TBA 2017 - NATIONAL NCRS Meet in San Antonio, TX

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Non NCRS AZ Events

  • Every Saturday 2pm till Dark - Pavilions Car Show - Scottsdale, AZ
  • 1st Sat Every Month 8am-11am - Corvettes & Caffeine Show - Scottsdale, AZ
  • 1st Sat Every Month 7am-10am - Breakfast Cruise Inn Show - Phoenix, AZ
  • TBA 2016 - Tucson Classic Car Show - TUS
  • TBA 2016 - Cops & Rodders Car Show - TUS
  • Jan 2017 - Tubac Car Show - Tubac, AZ
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Past Chapter Events

Chapter Holiday Brunch - Tucson, AZ
Dec 15, 2013

This year's chapter holiday brunch was at the Oro Valley Country Club in Tucson. We had a good attendance and the food and company was excellent. Our out going chapter judging chairman Gary Bennett received an award for his six years of service to the chapter. Also, our new Vice Chairman Garry Eastwood received an NCRS national support award and pin. Congratulations guys and to everyone for another great year for the chapter!

C4 Judging School - Scottsdale, AZ
Nov 16, 2013

The Arizona chapter is fortunate to have one of the only NCRS national C4 team leaders as a member (and chairman) of our chapter. We took advantage of that knowledge and asked him to teach a class on the C4 Corvettes. It was a large turnout of members and Tom didn't disappoint in sharing what he knows about not only the C4 differences in model years but discussing some of the challenges encountered when flight judging these cars. He also offered advice on how members can be more invovled in the judging process.

Fall Chapter Judged Meet - Tucson, AZ
Oct 12, 2013

This past fall we had our Annual Fall NCRS Flight Judging Event and School take place. The weather in Tucson could not have been better this year for driving your Corvette, clear skies and mild temperatures.

The meet started off with a Judging Schools in both Tucson and Phoenix on Friday evening. Both Judging Schools covered The Matrix Judging System; in Tucson the DVD was viewed and the Phoenix school was conducted by outgoing Chairman Gary Bennett with the “Coke Can Judging” presentation. This was well attended, enabling the attendees to see our judging matrix in a new light. It was a good opportunity for those in attendance to get more familiar with the judging matrix system and CDCIF. I believe most left with added knowledge to use when evaluating judged cars.

Saturday morning dawned clear and a bit cool. Our judging meet was held in Tucson at the Ryan Airfield. A total of 8 cars were flight judged. There were 3 corvettes entered for Sportsman display.

We had 28 judges, 5 tabulators (and 2 junior assistants!) and 16 owners and guests participate for a total of 46 attendees. After a bit of socializing, Judging started at 8:30 A.M. We broke for lunch with a great meal from member Jeff Schaufel’s Golden Corral Restaurant. After all the regular judging was completed, we rolled the cars out for operations checks.

At the end of the day we were pleased to present the following awards to the owners.

  • Tom Debold – 1960 Top Flight
  • Philip D’Alessandro – 1962 Top flight
  • Alfonso Sosa – 1963 Top Flight
  • John Chmela – 1965 Third Flight
  • Robert Gokey – 1965 Top Flight
  • Gerald Evans – 1966 Third Flight
  • John Schwamm – 1967 Top Flight
  • Ray Geiger – 1987 Top Flight

A big Thank You goes out to Owners for bringing out their fine cars, Judges who shared their talent and expertise, and the team of Tabulators who pulled all the sheets together and quietly calculated the results. Additionally, thanks to Gary Grammond and Gordon Langston for arranging the use of the hangar at Ryan Air Field. We look forward to the next judging event on March 15 2014…. same venue!

C1 Parts ID Judging School - Tucson, AZ
Sept 7, 2013

Master Judge Thomas Kumisca (TKO Restorations) presented some C1 parts from Gary Grammond's collection to show the differences between original and reproduction. As is usualy with these types of schools both sets of parts were passed around to all attendees to get a hands on look and touch.

Paint Judging School - Scottsdale, AZ
May 4, 2013

The Phoenix area members and Corvette Performace Center hosted a chapter meeting followed by a judging school on NCRS paint judging. This school was taught by 400 level master judge Gary Bennett and master judge Thomas Kumisca of TKO Restorations. Four mid-year Corvettes were used to practice judge paint. Two of these cars Tom painted were Duntov awarded cars scoring 100% on paint at a National or Regional event. Attendees initially judged each car based on prior knoledge of NCRS paint judging standards. Then Gary and Tom discussed the NCRS standards for paint judging as taught at the recent NCRS judging retreat in Dallas last February. Attendees were asked to rejudge the four cars after discussion. Tom showed some attendees the difference between distinction of image and gloss on some other Corvettes for sale inside the building.

Chapter Road Tour & Picnic - Picacho Peak
Apr 6, 2013

Chapter members met in either Phoenix or Tucson and road toured to the entrance of Picacho Peak Park where all members met and drove into the park together. Hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and drinks were provided by the chapter. A special thanks to Jeff S., Tom K., Garry E., Garry M. for setting up the event and cooking the food. Photos by Newt J., Ralph, Steven, & Diana K., Dan G., and Mike G.

Fall Chapter Judged Meet - Phoenix
Oct 6, 2012

Due to the Arizona chapter hosting the 2012 Arizona NCRS Regional Meet in Tucson during March, the Fall Chapter Meet was held in Phoenix. Sands Chevrolet once again extended their showroom floor for our chapter meet. We appreciate it Sands Chevrolet!

NCRS National Convention - San Diego, CA
July 2, 2012

This year’s national NCRS convention was held in San Diego, CA. The Arizona chapter had quite a large attendance with over 50 members. Many chapter members received awards for both their cars and personal judging level achievements. Once again the Arizona chapter was awarded the “Top Flight Chapter” award.

Phoenix Meeting and Tech Seminars
May 19, 2012

Gary Bennett was gracious enough to host the Phoenix meeting at his garage. Tom Barr and John Randolph directed a chapter meeting. Afterwards, Tom Kumisca with TKO Restorations taught a tech seminar on paint and Garry Mion taught a tech seminar on Mid Year fuel pump rebuilding.

Mid Year Parts Original vs Reproduction - Tucson
May 12, 2012

Bill Calorico, NCRS National 1966 Judging Team Leader, taught this class on original and reproduction Mid Year Parts. Bill mentioned specific details to quickly tell the differences for big vs small block fan versions, as well as the date coding used. Original examples along with today's reproductions were used to determine the differences between 63 lower control arms and all other Mid Year control arms were discussed and pointed out. The proper way to recognize an original Mid Year TI box vs. the reproduction was made clear. Also original F-40/41 shocks were shown and their dating and configuration were discussed and explained. Rare Original glove box paperwork was compared to the reproduction and the differences were disclosed and revealed. After the school, most attendees stayed in the driveway to talk about their Corvettes.

1956 PV Judging School - Tucson
February 04, 2012

One of our chapter members wanted to have his 1956 Corvette PV judged at our Regional judged meet in March 2012. But, he wanted to have some of the other members do a practice PV on it before the regional. We held this as a judging school on PV (Performance Verification) so others could learn as well. By the way, he did pass his PV at the regional and then achieved a Duntov award at the National in San Diego! Congratulations Dick Walker!

Barrett Jackson Booth - Scottsdale
January 16, 2012

The NCRS participates at events to promote the Corvette hobby and inform people of the goals, purpose, and advantages of belonging to the organization. All of the "workers" are unpaid volunteers. Events like Barrett Jackson Scottsdale, AZ are great venues for signing up new members, debunking any myths people may have of the NCRS, and stressing that it's a family oriented organization. It now offers on site member services such as Award Confirmation Document, the GM Shipping Data Service, and the GM Document Validation Service. There were 76 new members that were signed up at this last event. The public relations and exposure were well worth the time and effort by all involved.

Fall Judging Meet – Tucson
November 5, 2011

Mother Nature again gave us a scare for our Fall Tucson Event. On Friday there were extremely high winds, blowing walls of dust and heavy rain. The rain continued until around 6:00 AM on Saturday and then the clouds, as if they knew the Corvettes were coming, moved out and presented us with blue skies and mild temperatures.

We had 46 separate Pre-Registrations with a total of 72 participants, spouses & guests. Originally 9 cars were registered for judging; however mechanical issues and the weather prevented some of the entries and participants from attending the event with total final attendance being 56.

When the judging started at 9:00 A.M. we had a field of 5 spectacular cars, including the 13th Corvette ever built, ready for our team of 30 judges, 4 OJs and 7 tabulators to evaluate. Seven members of this team made the trip all the way from California to participate. In addition to the judged cars there were 4 Sportsman entries and several other display cars driven by members.

With only 5 cars to judge the teams had some extra time to scrutinize each car carefully and provide valuable feedback to the owners. By noon most of the judging was completed and a fabulous lunch was catered by Jeff Schauffel’s Golden Corral in Tucson

After the last sections to be judged were completed, operations checks finished and the balance of the work by the tabulator team was finalized, we were able to present Top Flight Awards to the each of the owners.

The day ended when Jan Cockrum, who handled registration and conducted the charitable 50/50 raffle, awarded the winner his 50%. Greg Winn graciously donated his winnings back, allowing the chapter to donate the full $132.00 to the Tucson Medical Center for Children.

  • Gregg Winn – 1953 Top Flight
  • Tom Berry – 1954 Top Flight
  • Terry Lewis – 1966 Top Flight
  • Jerome Pederson – 1972 Top Flight
  • John Howell – 1996 Top Flight

Tucson Judging School – Mid Year Fan Clutch Judging
April 23, 2011

This was another great informative class taught by recent Arizona transplant and NCRS national 1966 team leader judge Bill Calorico. Bill created a class on Mid Year Fan Clutches that demonstrated the differences between originals throughout 1963-1967 and aftermarket samples. Bill mentioned that the originals were supplied by two companies, Schwitzer Corp & Eaton for both small and big block Corvettes. He also mentioned other specific details to quickly tell the differences for big vs small block versions, as well as the date coding used.

Most attendees after the school stayed in the driveway to talk about their Corvettes.

Sprinter Judging Meet – A Day of Sun at the Sands
March 12, 2011

Our Annual Chapter Judging Event began on Friday evening, with judging schools in both Phoenix and Tucson focusing on the new Judging Reference Manual and the important changes to the newly released edition. While judging points above 400 are not officially maintained, Glorie McNay recorded her 800 judging point at the judging school, which is amazing. The event continued on Saturday for the Arizona Sprinter Chapter Flight Judging meet.

As is typical for Arizona in March, the temperatures were in the mid 70s with crystal blue clear skies. This year we had a change of venue, moving our event from Stellar Airpark in Chandler to Surprise Arizona. Our host for this event, Lou “Buzz” Sands, graciously allowed us to hold the event in the show room of his new, fantastic Sands Chevrolet Dealership in Surprise, Arizona. We can’t thank him and his staff enough for their hospitality. What could be more fitting than to display the Corvettes presented for judging in a showroom much like the one where they caught the eye of their original owners many years ago.

The popularity of our Sprinter Flight Judging Event drew 41 judges. In addition to the 34 Arizona judges, 5 came from Northern California, 1 came from Southern California and 1 came from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Overall we had 17 Master Level Judges with 6 of those being 400+ Level Judges and 2 National Team Lead Judges. This level of expertise provided the entrants with judging nearly equal to that found at regional events. Overall attendance and entries were down 23% as compared to last year. It appears that even our hobby is feeling the effects of our slower economy. Total registered participation for this year’s event including judges, owners and guests totaled 53.

This year we only had 7 flight judging entries. The field was made up of a 1954, 2 - 1963s, a 1965, a 1966, a 1971, and a 1996. In addition to the judged cars, we had 5 Corvettes presented for Sportsman Awards and several other attendees drove their Corvettes to the meet.

When the day was finished and tabulations were completed by a much appreciated team consisting of Cathy Bergmann, Jeanne Cloutier and Suellyn Bennett, we were pleased to present the following awards to the owners.

  • Lou Sands – 1954 Second Flight
  • Glen Smith – 1963 CONV Top Flight
  • John Schwamm – 1963 COUPE Top Flight
  • Kevin Dewitte – 1963 COUPE Top Flight
  • Gary Mion – 1966 CONV Second Flight
  • Pete Bergmann – 1971 Top Flight and Ladies Choice
  • Jim Cramer – 1996 Top Flight

Tucson Judging School – 1967 Chassis Judging
February 12, 2011

The February 12th judging school on Saturday turned out to be a great event with a high attendance. It was another perfect Arizona winter day with a 75 degree temperature and clear skies.

The class was taught by recent Arizona transplant and NCRS 1966 national team leader judge Bill Calorico. As you can imagine, Bill is like an encyclopedia of late midyear cars. This school was a bit different from those recently in that Bill changed about 25 items on the chassis to be incorrect and held a contest to see how many items each attendee could discover. The winner received a NCRS tote bag. After about a half hour of searching Bill started teaching from the front of the chassis and worked his way back. He discussed not only the items that were incorrect but also other items of interest to inspect while judging. At times it was hard to keep up but attendees were busy taking copious notes. There were many other Corvettes on hand to enjoy as well.

Fall Judging Meet – Tucson
October 16, 2010

Friday’s thunderstorms, high winds and heavy rains in Tucson departed just in time and Saturday dawned with clear skies. Fall Arizona temperatures still remained warm with a high of 89 which made perfect weather for our annual Fall chapter judging meet at Ryan Field outside Tucson. Again Gordon Langston our host was gracious enough to open two hangars to use to keep us out of the sun and protected. The shades of fall don’t compare to the bright array of colors on the Corvettes that were presented for judging or display.

The solid axle group was represented by Butch Gabriel who brought his just barely completed Polo White 1954. Another Polo White 1955 was presented by Chris Hoskins who trailered all the way from Newport Beach. Michael Grammond brought his Arctic Blue 1957 which just got back from a Regional judging event in Albuquerque and a striking Black 1957 was presented by Mike Malloy.

Two midyears were presented. Jack Barnett trailered his 1965 Silver Pearl Fuelie from Albuquerque where he had just earned the coveted PV award at the Regional and Gary Hjerpe reprised his 1966 Nassau Blue convertible.

The rest of the field was made up by a 1968 Fathom Green Coupe presented by Hal Biestek. After just earning a Top Flight in Albuquerque, Pete Bergman brought his Black 1989 for us to judge and John Sahid presented his Sebring Silver 1996.

The non judged Sportsman entries were presented by Dave Barclay 2002, Ralph Klestadt 1999, Jeffrey Schaufel 2005 and Tom Barr 1996. In addition there were numerous other great Corvettes driven to the event and displayed for all to enjoy.

In order to scrutinize all these cars there were a total of 29 dedicated judges and 4 observer judges available to make up the three judging teams we needed. Of course without the work of our registrar, Jan Cockrum and the tabulating team made up of Cheryl Nance, Suellyn Bennett, Jo Houlihan, Penny Evans and Joan Jacobs we could not have started or completed the process.

At noon all in attendance were treated to another great hearty feast catered by Jeff Schauffel and the Golden Corral. This gave everyone time to socialize and the energy to finish up the rest of the day’s tasks.

When the day came to an end, we were pleased to present the following awards to the owners along with a big thank you for presenting their beautiful Corvettes for us to judge.

  • Butch Gabriel – 1954 CONV Top Flight
  • Chris Hoskins – 1955 CONV Top Flight
  • Mike Malloy – 1957 CONV Top Flight
  • Michael Grammond – 1957 CONV Top Flight
  • Jack Barnett – 1965 CONV Top Flight
  • Gary Hjerpe – 1966 CONV Second Flight
  • Hal Biestek – 1969 COUPE Second Flight
  • Pete Bergmann – 1989 CONV Top Flight
  • John Sahid – 1996 CONV Top Flight
  • Jeffrey Schaufel – 2005 CONV Sportsman
  • Tom Barr – 1996 COUPE Sportsman
  • Ralph Klestadt – 1999 COUPE Sportsman
  • Dave Barclay – 2002 CONV Sportsman

Tucson Judging School – Original vs. Reproduction Parts
April 24, 2010

This judging school in Tucson was hosted by Gary & Mike Grammond and Tom Kumisca at Gary’s garage. It had a good turn out with 16 members in attendance and a perfect temperature.

Tom Barr first started off the class with some announcements and updates and then showed us an example of an original C3 valve cover that had been chrome plated.

Gary Grammond then presented some parts from his collection to show the differences between original and reproduction. Both sets of parts were passed around to everyone to get a more detailed look.

Glen Smith was gracious and brought a few parts from his collection to present as well.

Annual Rally, Social, and Charity Event & Car Show
March 21, 2010

The Arizona chapter of the NCRS had a rare opportunity to hold multiple chapter events at a Tucson air show in March. Participating members met up at the Golden Corral for the start of the rally onto the Air Force base. The Classic Chevy Car Club and the Green Valley Corvette Club were invited to join the fun. Once arriving at the air show our chapter awarded Natalie Sanchez Lt. with the Air Force Association (AFA.com) with a donation check for $600. Another $600 matching funds will be donated by the National NCRS.

Phoenix Area Judging School and Sprinter Judged Meet
March 19-20, 2010

Our chapter judging event began on Friday evening, the last day of winter, with judging schools in both Phoenix and Tucson focusing on performing operations reviews the right way.

It continued on Saturday, the first day of spring with the flight judging. It was fitting that March 19 & 20 was the date this year for our annual Arizona Sprinter Chapter Flight Judging meet.

The day was typical for Arizona in March with temperatures in the mid 70s with crystal clear blue skies. Again we were able to hold the event at a fantastic executive garage and hangar “toy box” at Stellar Airpark in Chandler, Arizona. The popularity of our Arizona Chapter Events continues to grow and the event attracted 36 judges, 13 who were Master level judges or better and 4 who came from California to participate. Total attendance including judges, owners and guests grew this year to 67.

We had 9 cars that were presented and amazingly we did not have one solid axle car to judge. The field was made up of a very early (SN 123) 1963 Convertible, 3 - 1967s including a very rare L89 Coupe, a beautiful triple black 1969 427/435, an extremely low mileage 1976, a 1995 pace car and a 1996 which was presented for pre-qualified judging and training.

In addition to the judged cars we had 8 Cars presented for Sportsman awards and another 9 attendees drove their cars to the meet.

Judging continued in the afternoon after a terrific and hearty lunch of barbeque catered again this year by Honey Bears. Later in the afternoon, the judges and attendees observed a war bird fly-by show consisting of several - P51 Mustangs, T-6 Texans, and Stearmans, among others, that flew during the day to pay tribute to a recently departed pilot.

When the day was finished and tabulations were completed by a dedicated team, we were pleased to present the following awards to the owners.

  • Fred Coury – 1963 Top Flight
  • Gerald DiQuattro – 1976 Top Flight
  • Myles Douglas – 1967 Top Flight
  • Jerry Kackley – 1967 Third Flight & Ladies Choice
  • Bill Kutchke – 1980 Top Flight
  • Rick Mezich – 1967 Top Flight
  • Marty Nelson – 1969 Top Flight
  • Terry Robertson – 1995 Top Flight
  • John Sahid – 1996 Sportsman in Appreciation

Phoenix Area Chapter Meeting and Judging School
February 6, 2010

On Saturday morning, February 6th AZ/NCRS members living in the Phoenix/Valley area gathered at Garry Eastwood’s garage in Scottsdale for an “area” Chapter meeting and judging school. The meeting was well attended with 28 members present.

John Randolph started the meeting with an update on current Chapter business. He also polled the group for additional ideas on how to improve our local meetings and increase participation. Tom Barr made the “trek” up from Tucson and provided an update on the status of our plans for hosting a Regional Meet in 2012. For this to be a successful event for the Chapter, membership participation in running the event will be crucial. Gary Bennett offered an update on the Spring Judging Event (March 20th). At this point in time, the number of cars registered to be judged is low. If you are interested in having your car judged at this event, send your completed registration form to Gary Bennett as soon as possible.

With the Chapter business completed, the remainder of the meeting was devoted to the judging school which was worth 1 NCRS Judging point. Gary Bennett moderated the discussion. Members presented a diverse array of original and “repro” parts – voltage regulators, license plate brackets, hubcaps, air cleaners, headlight switches, etc. Newt Johnson (also making the “trek” up from Tucson) took numerous photos of the parts.

The general consensus of those who attended the meeting is that Saturday Chapter meetings at member garages are “the way to go”. The participation goes up and more people will drive their Corvettes to the meeting. As we move into the summer months with the Valley’s temperatures going up, we will be seeking members with air-conditioned garages to host a meeting. If you are interested in doing this, please contact John Randolph.

Fall Judging Meet – Tucson
October 3, 2009

Bigger – Better- One of the Best Chapter Meets. Mother Nature threatened to grace our Tucson event on October 3rd with rain showers as the day dawned with sprinkles and dark clouds. However as the event was being held inside two hangars at Ryan Field, she couldn’t spoil our day. The sun came through and temperatures were mild.

Our Chapter events continue to get bigger and better. A total of twelve cars were pre-registered for the event but only ten were completed in time to make it to the judging field. We had a very unique showing with cars representing the earliest NCRS judging class and cars from the newest NCRS judging class. It is rare when you get to judge a 1953 at any event, as only 300 were built, but we were fortunate to have not one but two of the nicest 53s we have seen presented for judging. This event was also the first where 1994 and 1995 Corvettes were eligible for judging and four terrific cars were presented. The judging field was completed with four more fabulous cars, a 1962, a 1966 and two 1967s.

In addition to the judged cars, we had eight cars presented for Sportsman awards and another four attendees drove their Corvette to the meet. A total of fifty seven judges, owners and guests participated. Each of the judges at this event was given a T-shirt with our new Chapter logo. A hearty lunch for all was catered by Jeff Schauffel from his Golden Corral restaurant. Jan Cockrum ran a 50/50 raffle to help offset a portion of the cost of the shirts and Linda Barr was the lucky winner. When all the judging was completed and the tabulations finished by a dedicated team, we were pleased to present the following awards to the owners. Another great day completed!

  • Kenn Carlson – 1953 Top Flight
  • Clark Simonds – 1953 Top Flight
  • Daniel Jaeger – 1962 Second Flight
  • Dave Barclay – 1966 Top Flight
  • Douglas Meskell – 1967 Top Flight
  • Sonny Seamans – 1967 Top Flight
  • Jack Nance – 1994 Top Flight
  • George Loveren – 1994 Top Flight
  • Terry Robertson – 1995 Top Flight
  • Tom Barr – 1995 Top Flight

Tucson Judging School – Paint Judging
September 12, 2009

The September Paint Judging School in Tucson was hosted by Gary & Mike Grammond and Tom Kumisca at Gary’s house in Tucson. This school was the fourth in a series on the ’57 restoration process. It had a good turn out with 13 members and guests in attendance.

We first started off the class by watching the NCRS Paint & Fiberglass Judging DVD (which can be purchased on the National NCRS’s website) while drinking coffee and eating donuts and bagels. The DVD talked about the definition of having the paint appear to be a factory finish. It also stated that the paint used doesn’t have to be lacquer as long as it has the appearance of a factory application material and method.

After the DVD we went out back to the garage and found a 1957 corvette painted in lacquer and a 1967 coupe painted in base/clear that was a little over restored. Tom passed out the NCRS standard deduction flow chart for paint. He discussed the term “clarity of image” and showed some of the points to look for as stated in the judging manual and the paint DVD that we watched.

Tucson Judging School – ’57 Body Drop
June 6, 2009

The June ’57 Body Drop Judging School in Tucson was hosted by Gary & Mike Grammond and Tom Kumisca at Gary’s house in Tucson. This school was the third in a series on the ’57 restoration process. Again, this was a successful and informative session with 19 members and guests in attendance.

Tom started the morning session by discussing the custom body lift fixture he fabricated and how it attaches to the gantry. He then talked about the mounting points on the chassis and body making sure everything was properly setup prior to the body drop. He also mentioned the item that were installed on the car prior to paint (doors/latching hardware, hood, trunk, deck, cowl vent, radiator support, speaker vents, gas tank vent hose, grommet and clip). Tom went on to talk about the paint process and order of application. The next step was to finally lower the body onto the frame. Although most of the work was done by the lift it still took some human help to guide the body over the shift lever, exhaust, and onto the mounting points.

Tucson Judging School – ’57 Chassis
May 9, 2009

The May Judging School was hosted by Gary & Mike Grammond and Tom Kumisca at Gary’s house in Tucson. The topic was on preparing a ’57 chassis for judging and the detail that goes into it. It was a successful and informative session. Tom started by going over some basic areas of the chassis restoration and then followed up by taking specific questions and answers. Tom also had some aftermarket parts on hand to shows differences. A list of topics covered were; pulleys, carburetors, harmonic balancer, radio ground straps, bell housing, misc. fasteners, date codes on suspension parts, casting and stamp pad dates, posi rear end vent tube, brake lines, front suspension markings, oil dipstick, oil cap (vented vs. non vented), air cleaners, intake water neck, home cad plating, rear cross member holes, leaf spring grooves and rebuilding, double/single frame VIN stamps.

Spring Judging Meet – Chandler
March 8, 2008

Sunshine, Corvettes, and Mustangs made for a truly memorable Sprinter Flight Judging Event. The day began in typical fashion with nothing but our usual Winter/Spring Arizona sunshine and soon Corvettes from all over the state started showing up at the fabulous Stellar Airpark hangar graciously provided for our event by Jeff Mark.

We had a field of fantastic cars to judge, including a red 1957 presented by Ed Winkler, a 1962 red roadster presented by Bob Davenport, a 1966 Silver convertible brought by Allen Schaff, a 1967 white 427/435 roadster presented by Barry Berger, a 1967 blue coupe presented by Gerald Evans, a 1967 black roadster driven down from Sedona by William Spring. Jerome Pederson brought his 1972 Yellow Coupe, Barry Shendell presented his 1970 Yellow convertible and Eric Jackson brought his 3500 mile 1987 Bronze Coupe. With 9 cars to judge we were glad that we had 34 judges registered to make up the teams.

John and Beverly LeGate (complete with her high heel judging shoes) made the trip all the way from San Jose to help with the judging and Dave Perry drove over from Lawndale California for the event. We had more than 61 in attendance including spouses and walk-ins and another 17 Corvettes which were not being judged were on display in front of the hangar including a beautiful new 2008 Corvette brought by Brown and Brown Chevrolet.

A great lunch was catered by Honey Bears Barbeque. Shortly after judging resumed everything was interrupted by the appearance of the Mustangs. We were fortunate to have 3 very very rare P51 Mustang WW2 Fighters planes that are based at Stellar give us a show. The only sound more beautiful than a 427/435 Corvette with side pipes emanates from the 12 cylinder Merlin Engines that power these beautiful airplanes. At the end of the day we were pleased to present the following awards to the owners along with our thanks to them for presenting their beautiful Corvettes for Judging.

  • Ed Winkler – Top Flight
  • Bob Davenport – Second Flight
  • Barry Berger – Top Flight
  • Allen Schaff – Top Flight
  • Gerald Evens – Second Flight
  • William Spring – Third Flight
  • Jerome Pederson – Top Flight
  • Barry Shendell – Second Flight
  • Eric Jackson – Top Flight

Fall Judging Meet – Tucson
October 21, 2006

It must have been the near-perfect weather that brought out nearly half of our chapter membership on October 21st to our annual fall meet in Tucson. And to make it worth their while, we judged a great cross section of Corvettes, with one from every generation NCRS judges.

Judging Results:

  • Bud Bourassa, 1954 – Second Flight
  • Gary Bennet, 1967 – Top Flight, Ladies Choice
  • Marty Nelson, 1969 – Second Flight

C4 Judging School – Tucson
May 6, 2006

NCRS isn’t just about old Corvettes – it’s about preserving and recognizing Corvettes of all types. With each year we bring newer ones into the judging curriculum, and right now it’s the 1992 and 1993 C4s that are in the process of being brought into the fold. National Team Leader Tom Barr hosted a combination judging school and trial judging for these cars at his Tucson home on May 6 for us to get educated on the finer points of these C4s.