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For additional information regarding the Arizona Chapter of the NCRS please complete this form and click the "SEND" button. One of our members will be in touch with you soon!

If you are an existing member, use this form to send an idea, question, comment, or suggestion to the board of directors for evaluation. Topics would include events you would like to attend or host, board of director elections, or volunteering.

You can also use this form to RSVP for an event. Please name the event in the subject line, then type a quick note and click "SEND".


You may contact any of the Arizona Chapter Board of Directors by using the contact form above. Please provide name, phone, email, subject, and message.

Chairman Phil D'Alessandro
Vice Chair Dave Talley
Secretary Brad Vigesaa
Treasurer Dave Barclay
Judging Chairman Gary Craig
Newsletter Garry Mion
Activities JR Richards
Webmaster George Ray
Membership David Peterson